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Piano Tracking – Sounds of a Memory [Full Take] – PUTS – Sincerely, the P


This was the take.

Tracking piano for the LP,

Sincerely, The P

People Under The Stairs

at 64 Sound in Los Angeles, CA



Instagram comments:


15. The Sound Of A Memory (5:00)⁣⁣

C. Portugal, M.Turner⁣⁣

Produced by Thes One⁣⁣

Acoustic Piano – ⁣⁣Kat O1O

Recorded at PL70B, 64 Sound ⁣


“it’s the sound of the memory of many living people”⁣⁣

A final dedication to those lost along the way. When we started out, we never could have imagined a career long enough to lose anyone, yet here we are. On Friday, October 12th, 2018, @kato1o entered the tracking room @64sound to play us off the album, a tradition we started on Stepfather. As she slid behind a behind the beautiful baby grand piano with a vintage U-47 slung low under the lid, I said “No Pressure” and half chuckled as I walked out. I was probably more nervous than she was, yet I didn’t give her any charts or direction so I definitely didn’t make it easy. She is the most talented keyboardist I’ve ever known, and I had full faith in her to kill it on her first take. I walked back to the control room with @tyler_karmen , leaving her alone in the tracking room behind the piano. He asked “do you want me to let the song run for her to practice?” I replied, “No, record it” then picked up the talkback mic and said, “alright, we’re just gonna let it play for you to practice some ideas, no pressure, just feel it out.” What you hear on the record is what followed, exactly as she played it on her first “practice take”. The beat faded out and she kept playing, and I began crying – I couldn’t hold back, she had captured the moment so beautifully and each note struck deep into my very purpose for existing – as I listened to the notes coming through the speaker I thought I could end it all in that moment – an existential completeness as the last note sustained and rang out. If it has to end, it should end as such.⁣⁣ #sincerelythep


Mission: / Crown City Rockers



I just got immediate chills that ran up my spinal cord from top to bottom. Wow man



Awesome story, Kat is so incredibly talented.



That’s a touching sentiment man, I dream of that kind of completeness. Can’t wait for the album even if it’ll be bittersweet.



Thanks for sharing these persomnal stories man, keeps us all feeling like we’re part of the process somehow… @kato1o is soooo awesome, her skills are undeniable! ❤️ #ForeverThePmuny #ForeverTheP #PUTSArmy



Everyday I’ll be listing a new track in descending order with a story and some pics until the album drops



Kat has been boss. Been a fan since Earthtones!



@piecelock70 Thank you for sharing these personal stories. ❤️






Can’t wait, but at the same time don’t want the P to be over!



Thank you for everything. Been a fan for a hot minute. Blessed I found your music. Can’t wait for the album.





Thanks for reminding me of Crown City Rockers, haven’t listened to those guys in years



This is surreal. From owning a burned copy of O.S.T. in 2002 to seeing them in concert 11 times, owning all their albums on Vinyl, and trading souvenirs and texts with These One, I can’t believe this is coming to an end. I’m so grateful for The P ever entering my life.



@slaucienega @chriscshepherd



@piecelock70 thank you for sharing.



ILL Story… Love it…






@piecelock70 you’re so freakin eloquent when you write! It was an absolute honor for me to play and to have been on so many of your guys albums! ❤️❤️❤️ @piecelock70 @blowmtvapps





So beautiful I can’t wait



Thanks for sharing this Thes. It makes the process much easier gettin the inside look. Plus it awesome to find out where those ride outs come from. It’s one of my favorite parts of each release!!





@piecelock70 this is what it’s all about. The story behind the music. Can’t wait to hear it all



This is amazing! Love the #behindthemusic story, I’m even more geeked to hear the album and I didn’t know that was possible. January 31st is my 40th birthday, I hope this album pops up at midnight on the 1st. 14 more stories to go…



Love back stories



Wow. I would absolutely love to read an entire book of this type of behind the scenes stuff @piecelock70 . Beastie boys did it. Cannot wait. @kato1o is the keyboard assassin as always ❤️️



Looking forward to this so much. You guys brought me thru college, friends, a wife, a divorce, a couple live shows, introducing you to my brother and several friends, many bbqs, parties, etc… love the P forever❤️



Ya te extrañamos pieza



No words, with goosebumps running all over my body. Incredible and just like that it feels like a saga with an exit where the music doesn’t stop but only transcend..



Forever the P!!!



Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️



Wow what an amazing experience and story. To know how much music means to me and how connected you illustrated you were to her playing is such a potent and priceless moment of connectivity.



On my birthday. ❤️ Wow. Chills. What a beautiful moment. So glad it was captured so perfectly.



I’m sure there lots of tears all over the globe when this hits.



I have a feeling that this album is gonna be much more than just music… The P’ will live forever






I’m hoping I can copp 2 cds



Thanks for sharing such an awesome moment! Thanks for being such a big part of my life (you don’t even know). Can’t wait to hear more






@skier.brah I remember Mission coming back to my house for an after party after a show back in the day!



@onword47 dope. discovered them PUTS/Crown City on the internet….hiphop chatrooms on MIRC/message boards and myspace haha



Damn this made me cry.



I found you in 98 thes via my brother! Thank you!!!!



my first listen of the album was shuffled and i didn’t realize it and was just letting it play through. this track came on in the middle of the first playthrough and i started tearing up at the end when the piano came through. excellent work @kato1o. i didn’t even know the track title at first and now i understand this story a bit more. album on point in all ways, thank you Thes and Big Double @blowmtvapps.



@26thspace read this then listen to the track! Fackin emotional! @blowmtvapps @piecelock70 thanks for the sounds and the memories!


Posted February 4th, 2019.

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Left Behind – Music Video

Artist: Kat O1O
Song: Left Behind
Album: On The Cusp
Directed by: Woodstock



Posted July 8th, 2015.

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Crown City Rockers celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of “Earthtones”

10 Years! Wow! Yes, 10 Years ago me and my Crown City Rockers brothas released our album “Earthtones”, now, considered by many, an underground hip hop classic. We had so much fun recording, touring, and sharing our music with everyone. This album and the experience it gave us opened up so many doors to different adventures and relationships. If you were ever a part of a live show, you know what I’m talking about. If you never had a chance to check us out live, Headnodic edited together this awesome footage of one of our shows at the Independent SF. On Tuesday we’ll celebrate by giving Earthtones, plus some unreleased joints to you for FREE! We all wish we could’ve gotten together to do another show, but alas, that show will have to wait. Congrats to Raashan Ahmad, Pete Woodstock Alvarado, Max MacVeety& Ethan Headnodic Parsonage. Love you guys and everyone who we’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way! Do you have any specific memories of Earthtones? Let’s hear em!!!


Free hi res download : http://www.divshare.com/direct/26000828-966.m4v





Posted August 24th, 2014.

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Original Kat O1O Music on ToyTalk’s The Winston Show app

Since March 2013, I’ve been working as Composer for the SF based start up, ToyTalk, founded by Oren Jacob, who was Disney’s Pixar (DIS) CTO before becoming CEO of ToyTalk.

It really has been an amazing experience!  I get to compose all different genres of music, and in turn push my composition skills and orchestral scoring.

Here’s what it’s all about:

The 1st release from ToyTalk is an iOS app for iPad called The Winston Show.  It has generated quite a buzz for it’s cutting edge voice recognition technology.  The Winston Show became the No. 1 most downloaded entertainment app in Apple’s App Store; downloads number in the six digits, exceeding the company’s initial expectations.

Here’s how it works:

Click Here to download the app via the iTunes Store:



Here’s more Press:





Here are the Credits:


Winston Credits

Posted January 20th, 2014.

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La Femme Deadly Venoms New EP

I am so excited to announce the release of not 1 but 2 EP’s from my crew,

La Femme Deadly Venoms – The EP



DJ Lady Fingaz – Welcome to Lady Fingaz Lab



Please support our music and click on the album covers to purchase (only $6-$8)!

We will also be selling special LFDV bundles at the release show:


Bundle will include

1 – La Femme Deadly Venoms Logo T-Shirt
1 – La Femme Deadly Venoms Download card
1 – Welcome to Lady Fingaz Lab Download card
1 – LFDV + ANMLY string backpack

Support my ladies and go to the show, buy a bundle and enjoy yourself!

La Femme Deadly Venoms double EP release party featuring:

CMG (Conscious Daughters
Aima the Dreamer (Dubtronic Science)
DJ Mista B (Skratchpad)
DJ Andre (Peaches, Switch, Fix Ya Hair)
Hosted by Z-MAN
special closing disco set by
DJ Snayk Eyez (Skratchpad)

Hustle and Change Video:

Hustle and Change-La Femme Deadly Venoms from La Femme Deadly Venoms on Vimeo.




Posted July 23rd, 2013.


Life & Music

Posted November 29th, 2012.


“The Iguana” by Headnodic

The Iguana by Headnodic

Available Now!!


Order your own copy here:


Armed with years of experience as a Hip-Hop producer, Headnodic brings ALL of his influences to the studio for The Iguana. A full menu of styles from his years of crate digging are evident; jazz fusion, prog rock, Brazilian funk, psychedelic soul, and early electronic sounds. The result is exactly what the composer and producer intended – a musical time traveling exploration into the furthest reaches of rhythm and melody.

Headnodic manages to blend all of these influences and styles into an aesthetically pleasing story that allows the listener space to listen intently or simply lay back and groove. The record was tracked with all live
instruments (without samples) and features guitarist Tom Ayers (Persephone’s Bees) and percussionist Valentino Peeps (of Agua Libre), and fellow Crown City Rockers Kat O1O (keys) and Max MacVeety (drums).


Watch the Video “Mandelorian”


Super proud to have been able to play some keys on this album!

Support the Music Makers!







Posted October 24th, 2012.