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Chords (Week 2 – Friday) – Chord Inversions

Inversions are the same notes of the chord in different order.

In Root Position, the bottom note is the 1, or Root.

If we invert it up, all you do is put the 1 on the top of the chord.
So now the 3 (E) is at the bottom of the chord.

Above is CM in 1st Inversion

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CM 2nd Inversion

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7th Chords


You can also do Inversions of 7th chords.
Since there’s 4 notes, there are 3 Inversions plus root position.

CM7 Root Position


CM7 1st Inversion


CM7 2nd Inversion


CM7 3rd Inversion



You can also invert down.

Let’s try that with an A minor triad

A minor triad in Root Position


A minor triad in 2nd Inversion

Invert the A minor triad down to 2nd inversion,
by putting the 5th to the bottom of the chord


A minor triad in 1st Inversion

Invert it down once more to get 1st inversion.

If you invert it down again, you’re back at Root position.


Practice Inversion of all the chords in the chord scale of C

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That’s it for today

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