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Kat O1O – MeowMix Retrospective Vol. 1

Known not only as the Keyboard Sorceress of the group Crown City Rockers, Kat O1O, (that’s oh-one-oh) has been busy showcasing her musical talents on a plethora of other well known artists’ releases. Kat O1O’s MeowMix Retrospective Vol. 1 & 2 proves to exhibit her contributions as an instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist, in a well-compiled and easily listenable mix with songs featuring artists such as Little Dragon, Goapele, People Under The Stairs, Latyrx, Zion I, Lyrics Born, Headnodic, DJ Day, Raashan Ahmad, and more.  Download it for free, and take a musical journey with the music of Kat O1O.


Kat O1O – MeowMix Retrospective Vol. 1

Photo Credit: Headnodic


Track Listing:

1. “It’s The…” – Mission: (Rhodes)

2. “Little Man – Headnodic & Kat O1O Remix” – Little Dragon (Rhodes/Crumar/Moog)

3. “Sonic Elders” – People Under The Stairs (Rhodes)

4. “Movin’ On Up” (feat. Latyrx & Kat O1O (Vocals/Prophet 5)

5. “Try Me (feat. Goapele & Capitol A) J. Boogie Remix” – J. Boogie’s Dubtronic Science (Rhodes)

6. “Home (feat. Mia Doi Todd)” – Mission: & People Under The Stairs (Rhodes)

7. “Hustle & Change” – La Femme Deadly Venoms (Production/Rhodes)

8. “Top Shelf (feat. Baby Jaymes)” – Lyrics Born (Production/Rhodes/Synths)

9. “The Bay (feat. C. Holiday)” – Zion I (Piano)

10.  “Street Life” – LFDV (Production/Rhodes/Synths/Vocals)

11. “Feels Right” – Joyo Velarde (Rhodes)

12. “Go On (feat. Solas B. Lalgee) – Crown City Rockers (Rhodes/Piano/Moog)

13. “The Mondays” – Headnodic (Rhodes/Moog/Crumar/Melodica)

14. “Don’t Think About It – PlatO1O One Way Remix” – DJ Platurn & Kat O1O (Piano/Synths)

15. “So So Much” – Gift of Gab (Wurlitzer/Clavinet/Melodica)

16. “Zaya” – Headnodic (Polysix/Moog)

17. “Zaya – Kat O1O Remix” – Headnodic (Production/Rhodes/Synths)

18. “Oh Sheila Remix” – PlatO1O (Synths/Rhodes)

19. “Hiccup” – Variable Unit (Rhodes)

20. “Proteus” – Crown City Rockers (Production/Rhodes/Synths)









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