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Kat O1O New Album – Pre Order!!


Update: 8/19/15

We’ve reached the goal, and then some!!!
Thank you to all my amazing pledgers!

CDs, Vinyl, Ts, Totes, and posters are all in production now! Yes!

Slated for release at the end of next month, you all will get my new album plus your goodies! Yay!

Vinyl headz – unfortunately, you folks will have to wait a bit longer til you can put the needle on the record. According to the pressing plant, due to the rise in popularity of vinyl, they’re backed up.  Consider it a nice Christmas gift though ;) You’ll get the download and goodies when everyone else does.

Thanks again for making this experience a great one.

We did it!



I’m releasing a new album!! Ya!!!
And I want YOU to be a part of it!

My new album is entitled, On The Cusp, and I’m partnering with PledgeMusic to offer a pre-order!

Visit www.pledgemusic.com/kato1o to pre-order my new record and get more involved in the record release by choosing other goodies to go along with your pre-order!

This is sooo exciting and I would love for you to join me! I mean, you’re the reason why I do this, for real!!

It has been a long journey for me to get to this point and I’m stoked that I have the opportunity to share this exciting adventure with you!  Not only do you get to be a part of the release, but 5% of all pledges go to VH1′s Save The Music Foundation! 

Isn’t the artwork absolutely incredible?  The artist who painted this exquisite piece is Joshua Mays.
I’m partnering with PledgeMusic for my album Pre-orders so I can press up some sweet vinyl.  It would be only fitting for such fine art to be displayed as a tangible 12″ LP cover. 
Pre-order your own record and you’ll automatically get the download with the Access Pass too!

There’s a ton of extras to choose from! I’m even offering a chance for you to get your name in the liner notes, or Skype Piano Lessons with me, or signed LPs, CDs, posters…
Check it out here:

Once you’re a certified pledger, you’ll get more exclusive goodies from me too!

The first single will be released June 9th, in partnership with Boomnote Music, and if you pre-order now, I’ll send you the single, plus all the remixes before it’s available to the public!
Oh Yeah!

So come along with me and pre-order your very own copy of my new album, On The Cusp, now!




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