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Chords (Week 2 – Sat) – The II-V-I Progression

The II-V-I Chord Progression is one of the most commonly used Chord Progression in jazz and popular music.

Get this under your fingers and you’ll be able to play almost any song!

Here is a II-7 -V7 -IM7 all in Root Position

Those are pretty big leaps.
The best way to play this Chord Progression is to use Chord Voicings.

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Using Root Position Chords and Chord Inversions (which we learned in the previous post)

This voicing uses Root – 2nd Inversion – Root

Notice how between chords are shared notes.

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Rootless Chord Voicings


For  use with 7th chords, the most important tones are the 3rd and the 7th.

You can also invert these Rootless Chord Voicing to create smooth voice leading.
Voice leading is moving from chord to chord in as little motion as possible.


II-V-I with 3rds and 7ths




Try to practice playing just the 3rd and 7th of all Chords in the Chord Scale of CM!
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That’s it for today

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